Kickback Customer Loyalty

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  • Every time you present your card with a purchase you earn points.
  • Each point is worth a penny and can be used just like cash to pay for anything in the store. Snacks, gifts, lottery and gas are included.
  • Not only can you earn points at our locations, but at any participating location throughout the country.
  • Plus, each time you use your card you can win instant prizes!
  • And you’re automatically entered for another chance to win valuable prizes in regular national drawings.
  • The more you spend, the more you save! Sign up today!
  • You can register at your leisure online at, by calling toll-free the customer service center 1-866-230-6357, or by simply filling out the easy registration card provided with each brochure and mailing it or leaving it at the store.
  • There is no minimum or maximum on the number of points that can be earned or redeemed.
  • You can start earning points immediately, but must register the card prior to redeeming points.
  • It’s fun, simple, and rewarding.
  • The card is FREE.
  • One card good at a variety of businesses and more and more locations throughout the country are being added daily.
  • J-MARt bp Amoco gives 1% back on all purchases of gasoline, lottery and merchandise. With gasoline at $3.00 per gallon, KickBack gives you 3¢ back per gallon. If the competition’s posted price is a penny less than J-MARt, KickBack Points make J-MARt bp’s gas 2¢ less than the competition!
  • KickBack Points are awarded at our retail locations only and do not apply to home, farm or business bulk deliveries by Triple J-Mar Petroleum.