About Triple J-MAR Petroleum

Triple J-Mar Petroleum was established April 1, 1972 by the late James L. & Marlene S. Mitzner. Triple J-Mar began with Jim Mitzner being a Standard Oil of Indiana agent in Wanatah, Indiana or employee of Standard Oil. The agency was formerly run by the late Alvin Marks who retired in 1972. Originally the business was only a bulk home, business, government and farm fuel delivery service. Products included furnace & heating oils, gasoline and diesel fuel. Since the very beginning, Triple J-Mar has remained a locally owned, family operated business with high involvement in the community. Neighbors Serving Neighbors is what we truly are all about.

In 1975 Standard Oil became known as Amoco Oil Company and converted small agencies to larger jobbers and sold the agencies to individuals. The Union Mills territory was obtained.

Triple J-Mar Petroleum, Inc. was incorporated June 1, 1975. Its name is derived from its founders, James and Marlene Mitzner, and their two children, Julianne and Jeffrey. Thus, the Triple J is for Jim, Juli & Jeff and Mar is for Marlene.

A transport delivery service was established. As years passed, a Kouts territory was purchased. Eventually Amoco Oil discontinued the territory system and we now sell products throughout Indiana and into Illinois.

For its first 15 years, Triple J-Mar remained only a bulk & transport delivery service serving primarily LaPorte and Porter Counties in Indiana. The majority of products sold have remained Amoco, or now bp, products.

In May of 1987, our first convenience store was opened. The J-MARt is at 10300 West US 30 in Wanatah, Indiana. The name originated from Triple J-Mar Petroleum and was shorted simply to become known as the J-MARt Amoco Food Shop and later the J-MARt bp Shop.

Tragedy struck the Mitzner Family and Triple J-Mar Petroleum on October 1, 1993. The founder and father was struck by a semi and his life was cut short. Marlene, along with the help of her two children, continued on with the business “as Jim would have wanted them to do”.

Westville J-MARt was opened December 31, 1997 at the north junction of US 421 and State Road 2. While Triple J-Mar continues to supply BP gasoline and diesel, the convenience store, as well as the adjoining restaurant, are operated by lessees.

Raymond Charlesworth, Juli’s husband, joined the family business in July 1995. He now oversees the entire operation from accounting to pump repairs.

Andrea Mitzner, Jeff’s wife, is also now involved with the business. She is head of promotional purchases at the convenience stores.

Triple J-Mar is always looking for innovate ways to service the customer and keeping up on the latest and greatest products at both our bulk plant and our convenience stores. Biodiesel fuel is just one example of this.

Many changes have come to the oil industry over the years: stricter EPA laws, new types of products, the bp/Amoco merger, allocations, gas rationing, reformulated gasoline, low sulfer diesel fuel, to name just a few. One thing has not changed, Triple J-Mar is committed to bringing the consumer a quality product in a timely manner with good service and consistent pricing.

We thank you for your business whether at one of our retail locations or from our bulk and transport division. We appreciate you taking time to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

For more information on obtaining bulk or transport deliveries, call 219-733-2405. Minimum 250 gallon purchases.