Take Care

Take Care – We’re Farming!

Indiana Farmers are of vital importance to not only our community, but the country’s efforts to provide quality food to all four corners of our great land.

This is why “Take Care, We’re Farming Around Here” is so important. Everyday in rural America slow moving tractors, combines and other large farming equipment must travel our roads and highways to get to fields for planting, harvesting, or transporting of crop.

It may be bothersome to motorists trying to get to work on time, but put yourself in the farmers shoes. Imagine cars and trucks whipping by you at high rates of speed while your in a oversized piece of machinery that can’t accelerate or decelerate quickly.
This is why Triple J-Mar Petroleum and the J-MARt have joined a program to post signs and vehicle magnets to remind drivers that they aren’t the only ones using the roads.

Take Care, We’re Farming Around Here…
A Community Safety Program

It’s important for you to travel safely on our county roads, especially during the times of planting & harvest when it’s likely that you’ll encounter our friendly farmers & their farm machinery.

Our farmers are busy producing the crops that put food on our tables. Occasionally, they need to travel on our county roads as they move from field to field.

Here’s a few do’s and don’ts we’d like you to keep in mind when you encounter our farmers & their equipment on our county roads.


  • Do be patient if a farm vehicle is traveling slowly. Wait for the proper time to pass.
  • Do properly signal any movements, passes, or turns while around farm equipment.
  • Do continue to follow regular traffic laws if you need to share the roadway with such a vehicle, including wearing seatbelts.
  • Do keep in mind that farm equipment may need more roadway than other vehicles. If possible, move over to give them more space.
  • Do drive defensively and be aware of other vehicles that are not following these guidelines, and perhaps driving dangerously around farm equipment (e.g. illegal passing, speeding, failure to signal, etc.).


  • Don’t pass a farm vehicle in a no passing zone‚Ķ even if the vehicle is traveling partially on the shoulder.
  • Don’t follow too closely to farm equipment. Flying debris or sudden stopping can occur.
  • Don’t assume the driver of the farm vehicle is able to see clearly in all directions. They too have blind spots.
  • Don’t assume farm equipment can stop in the same amount of time as a regular vehicle. Try to prevent having to stop suddenly if a farm vehicle is behind you.
  • Don’t assume a farm vehicle will always yield the right away to you. Make sure they have stopped or completely turned before pulling out into the roadway.
  • Don’t speed past farm machinery‚Ķ even when you are able to pass safely and legally. The wind created by your vehicle can make the machinery or the load unstable and cause the machinery to swerve or the load to tip over.

Working together, we can assure safe travel on our county roads!